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Dress Code

School is a place of learning where all students are entitled to be educated in a safe environment free from distraction. We believe that students should “dress for success” and the school dress code is written to define guidelines on appropriate dress for middle school that is Safe and Respectful.  It is the student’s responsibility to follow these guidelines while on campus, as well as when attending after school activities, both on and off campus.

Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing that fits properly, doesn't prevent them from participating in any school activity, and is not distracting. For safety, closed toe shoes must be worn during every science lab and no sandals.  In addition, during PE students must wear athletic shoes.  Clothing must cover the torso, no spaghetti straps, all undergarments must be covered, and sagging pants are not permitted. House slippers are not allowed to be worn on campus.

Clothing and other items worn or carried by students, including buttons and backpacks, may not: denigrate any group; promote violation of school rules; depict drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, unlawful use of weapons, intimidation, gang/cult affiliation, inappropriate language or graphics, or be sexually suggestive.


The appropriateness of any clothing in question is at the discretion of the Barrett Middle School teachers and administration.

Students who fail to dress responsibly and follow the above guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action: Students will be sent to the office to remedy dress code violations.  This may require the student to call home for appropriate clothing to be delivered or borrow school loaner clothing. 

Multiple violations will result in detention.